RB Sugbo GT: A commitment

“Measured against the eternity, our time on earth is just a blink of an eye. But the consequence of it will last forever. The deeds of this life are destiny of the next” --- Rick Warren in his book the Purpose Driven Life.

The above quotation is in dedication to a friend who passed away a few years ago. Ernesto “Erning”Panuncillo. To us, who had known him well, he was more than just a dedicated sabungero. Ever helpful to anybody who needed his expertise; he was extremely honest; and selfless, almost to a fault, he was indeed an epitome of a Filipino cocker.

We called each other “Sanga”(partner in Cebuano).We were more than just cocking buddies. We were life-long friends— like brothers indeed.

He was always helping me in my cocking ventures. When I decided to go full blast with breeding some years back, he helped me sourced out top breeding materials.

It was because of him that I was able to acquire the patriarch of all the RB Sugbo ponkan lines -- my favorite brood cock “Ponkan,” an EDL/Excellence sweater, who at the time was otherwise,definitely not for sale in the hands of his brother Arthur, proprietor of the cockers and agrivet product distribution chain,Pacific Barato.

Most of all, he was the one who first mentioned my name to publisher Manny Berbano. It led to my writing for Pit Games and Llammado magazines, an opportunity I cherished most.

Because of my knowing Manny I was able to acquire more top-quality imported and local materials; and, met in person, distinguished breeders, and legends of our time. And, because of Pit Games and Llammado, I gained new friends and customers from as far as the Ilocos regions in the north, and Basilan in the south, not to mention the many others outside the country. These things, I owed to Sanga.

Erning was also instrumental to the mission-vision of RB Sugbo chicken venture. Sanga had repeatedly told me: “Breed for the common sabungeros, the ordinary cockers and small time breeders who have neither the access nor the means to acquire expensive fowl. And, don’t just sell them chickens, also afford them technology.”

His idea was that we will not just breed and sell fowl but also take active part in technology transfer, thus the name RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology.

On our part, with right technology, we could produce more good chickens at much lower cost. Therefore,we could priced our fowl at a level affordable to the common sabungeros.

Now, RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology is committed to helping the common sabungeros.

RB Sugbo breeds quality fowl affordable to the common sabungero. It is also engaged in the transfer of gamefowl technology, for as economically as possible. RB Sugbo GT has been doing this since 2003 . RB Sugbo is constantly into research on the different aspects of cockfighting such as selection, handling, conditioning, pointing, and effective knife designs.

Since 2007, it has been totally committed to helping Masang Nagmamanok (MANA) Inc., a nationwide movement championing the cause of the common sabungeros.

Sugbo bloodlines such as the Ponkans and Sugbo Lemons, priced well within the reach of the common sabungero,are holding their own against respectable opposition.

RB Sugbo publications are also well circulated among the common sabungeros, mainly through MANA. It also conducts seminars, trainings and at-farm-hands -on and/or on-line technology transfer.

RB Sugbo GT is also technical and marketing consultant to a number of upstart breeders in the Philippines. Founder Rey Bajenting is also founder of MANA, writer in Pit Games and LLammado Magazines, Editor of Dyaryo Larga and founding director of Central Visayas Breeders Association (CVBA).

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Lance de la Torre, the idol of masang sabungero, with Cyberfriends president Raul Ebeo (left) and MANA founder Rey Bajenting.

RB-RTE Ponkan

RB-RTE Ponkan
A typical new generation ponkans of RB Sugbo and Raul T. Ebeo.

Price List of the sugbos (big discounts are extended to MANA members)

  • Battlecock ----P 7,000
  • Battlestag/bullstag ---------------- P 6,000
  • Broodcock/stag ----------------- P12,000
  • Pair----------------- P 18,000